Azores, stool

Developed during RARA 21 Residence in S. Miguel (Azores Island), during Walk&Talk.
With regard to traditional raw materials, this piece is made from cryptomeria wood. Imported from Japan in the 19th century, this tree is one of the main elements of the Azorean landscape.

Curated by Miguel Flor

Produced in S. Miguel (Azores) by Hóracio Raposo
Natural and burned Cryptomeria wood
year: 2021

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Cesto de Pedra

Series of baskets made during RARA 21 Residence in S. Miguel (Azores Island), during Walk&Talk. Designed in collaboration with Eneida Lombe Tavares and produced by the Azoren Craftsman Alcídio Andrade.

Edition of 50

Curated by Miguel Flor
Product Images by Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues and Mariana Lopes
Process Images by Miguel Flor

Produced in S. Miguel (Azores) by Alcídio Andrade
Vime, basketry
year: 2021

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Designed for VICARA Design, Burly is a collection of coat hangers. Available in three sizes, adapted to different home scales, and easy to set up.

burl:  is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner.  It is commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds.

Images by Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues

turned pine
year: 2021

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Images by Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues

Vase, Mixed Clay
year: 2021

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Blown glass object with a metal clamp convey a sense of pressure and contact, making the force visible in an intuitive and direct way through the materiality and given direction.

Images by the author
Produced in Marinha Grande
Blown Glass
Metal Clamp
year: 2018

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0000001 speculates the relationship between subject - object, thus approaching concepts of form and perception. This work shows a versatile design thinking and focusing on working with dettachement of the conscience during the process of object creation in design. It’s safe to say that the concepts of limit and frontier are fading in favor of a holistic and polysemic activity. It is, therefore, of special relevance to understand these operational codes in the reformulation of a new perceptual and
visual thinking. I then propose to develop objects of an experimental nature and question the individual freedom of the designer and the user as creator and emancipator of forms and meanings. The designer seeks awareness of a reformulating need that
replaces a typological and a priori thinking with a free, individual and intuitive process. This does not cancel out an essential historical and referential

Images by João Pedro Azevedo
Self produced
year: 2020

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Modular board that, combined with more, manages
to create a series of shapes. Allows to make a series of configurations adapting to the different areas of the living space.

Images by the author
year: 2017

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